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Awareness Through Movement®- Group classes

In Awareness Through Movement lessons students most often will lie on the floor (though not always) as they are guided through a series of cleverly designed movement sequences. During these lessons people learn new flexibility and ease of movement in a very short time. Often habits of stiffness or tension immediately melt away. This remarkable improvement results from learning to change neuromuscular habits, without stretching or forcing. Attention is focused on ways to reduce effort and make the movements easier. The lessons are adaptable to different physical abilities, and can be used to improve virtually any activity. Awareness Through Movement lessons provide the self-care tools for students to experience the benefits of Feldenkrais learning on their own . Classes are generally about one hour.

Current schedule of classes:
No classes scheduled for the Summer

Fees: $$8 per class for a series of four or more,$10 for drop-in.
Feel free to drop-in, each class can stand on it's own.
Location-112 West Fourth Street (In The Moscow Hotel) Moscow, Idaho.

Call Tom at 208 892-3400 or Elisabeth at 208 883-4395 to register or for more information, or email us at moveimprove@yahoo.com