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Moshé Feldenkrais, D.Sc.


Dr. Feldenkrais was an ingenious physicist, engineer, scientist and martial artist. He was originally from Russia and immigrated to Israel around the age of 13. He studied at the Sorbonne in France . Dr. Feldenkrais worked for many years with Nobel Prize Laureate Fréderic Joliot-Curie at the Curie Institute in Paris , France . Feldenkrais also became the first European to earn a black belt in judo—studying with the Jiguro Kano, the founder of modern judo. During his life Dr. Feldenkrais suffered several debilitating knee injuries.  After a poor surgical prognosis and the failure of other medical treatments, Feldenkrais was forced to rely on himself.  In his progress, he discovered a profound relationship between self-awareness, learning and movement that led him to a full recovery. He applied his knowledge of mechanics and human movement to learn how to walk again without pain. Dr. Feldenkrais realized that becoming aware of what he was doing was the groundwork for being able to do what he wanted - walk comfortably. Feldenkrais spent the rest of his life developing his new method of movement education, and helped thousands of people with a wide variety of challenges. His work is carried on today by practitioners who have completed a four-year Feldenkrais Professional Training Program. Dr. Feldenkrais' insights continue to be confirmed by the latest research in the fields of medicine, neurophysiology and education.